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  • Jan
    IBS 2018

    IBS 2018 (9th-11th Jan.) Booth No. S1213. Welcome!

  • Oct
    The 122 Canton Fair

    The 122 Canton Fair 10.1 K03

  • Apr
    2017 Design Build Expo

    Design Build Expo in International Convention Center Sydney, 3-5 May 2017 M44

  • Apr
    The 121 Canton Fair

    The 121 Canton Fair

  • Sep
    Bathroom enterprises should take multiple perspectives to consider the market environment

    At present, the bathroom market competition situation is becoming more and more serious, the bathroom enterprise competition between each other is no longer just stay in the quality level. The bathroom network editor thinks, want to in such a fierce market competition, occupying a seat, as the sanitary enterprises, also from the perspective of balanced consideration of market environment, so the enterprise can usher in a better development.Channels: to broaden the sales channelsSome enterprises only know to do OEM business, until the rise of brand building, marketing channel has become a problem. Home Furnishing building materials enterprises should pay attention to pay attention to the transformation of the channel in the export market "two legs", with the focus on domestic professional stores, electronic business platform and other channels, make own brand to occupy the domestic market; export to gradually establish own brand sales channels, such as in foreign countries set up shop,

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