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Bathroom online shopping potential need to see the small cheap and easy to big mistakes

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-08-12      Origin:Site

In the Internet era, a lot of home building materials companies have to test the water business, the bathroom industry is no exception. Although sanitary ware suitable platform for trading, but also the same difficulties. That bathroom products online shopping road in the end what is going on?

According to the survey results of the media, the network platform on top of home building materials fraud is not a few, but also because of the network of marketing channels, to fake the "building materials business" fraud and even provide a certain condition. On the one hand, if there is no support for the store, the quality of building materials products cannot fully guarantee; on the other hand, consumers can not face to face communication with dealers, so for the pros and cons of the product, true and false sometimes neglect of discrimination. In the online shopping sanitary products, these problems are often the case. Cast iron bathtub factory

In the purchase of furniture and building materials products, pay attention to the fraud of fake businesses. Not long ago, there are users in the online community platform in the network on the sale of bathroom products sold on a lot of fake. Registered as "bathroom practitioners / business entity shop, shop users ALZOB broke the news that, a treasure (has not been authorized store C) many of the so-called arrow, Kohler, nine, animal husbandry, such as toilet are false. Although the electricity supplier will through the brand name scanning fakes, but most of the fake will play edge ball in the brand name, such as arrow into ARR0W, Kohler into K0HLER.

Currently, the electronic business platform has not been found in this shop. Through the search, the reporter found that although the phenomenon has not been found to change the character, but the phenomenon is still exist with the help of the brand name near the brand. Reporter in the search box input Wrigley Ceramics Basin, the search results is included in the "good Wrigley Ceramics Basin" and "quality super Wrigley Ceramics Basin such shops. Carefully view the reporter found, brand name of "good Wrigley Ceramics Basin" is actually "arrow", "quality super Wrigley Ceramics Basin" brand name is actually "porcelain is still living". Such behavior is no matter to businesses and consumers naturally or half unconsciously, impossible to guard against.

Before the day, Alibaba chief platform officer Zheng Junfang said in an interview, the electronic business platform for each brand's expertise has its limitations, directly under the model that will be subject to certain restrictions on the model.

Indeed, some industries relatively professional, not only business platform model of ability not equal to one's ambition, even if is the industry if not see in kind also is difficult to identify true and false, toilet material is a good example. Broke the news ALZOB said those seemingly cheap toilet is actually patched with grade B porcelain, moreover is waste porcelain repairing shoddy. Moreover, a lot of online shop hanging is urea formaldehyde cover plate in fact distribution is the PP cover plate or false urea formaldehyde cover plate. And "ALZOB" said, "I'm sure that more than 90% of the people are not out of the urea formaldehyde cover plate with PP cover plate".

There is no basic quality assurance business platform based on building materials sanitary products, in the transaction process will pretend, for stealing well-known brand of sanitary, consumers are unaware of. In fact, the well-known brand of bathroom has his own official flagship store, while consumers see online label as, and cheap price, believe. Finally, the quality problems, businesses will all sorts of excuses, this is a serious fraud.

Although online shopping is convenient, but in fact, more than the physical store to be more risk. Consumers in the online purchase of sanitary products must be sure to find out whether the brand of sanitary ware brand, a penny a part of the goods, the sky will not be white out of the pie, so do not buy cheap to avoid causing big mistakes.

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