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Bathroom decoration to choose the right water bath big vacuum power assist

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Bathroom renovation would have "waterproof"

● waterproof layer: wall, brick, stone should be laid in the surface layer of waterproof layer, use the cement mortar leveling the ground, holes and a layer of cement mortar 1 to 2 after coating waterproof coating as a binding layer, tiles and other decorating material paving up, after watering with wooden making real, to achieve smooth and firm, tight joints. Stone paving done before back coating process, reduce the "water damage" phenomenon occurs around the waterproof layer at the contact with the wall, it should be on the reveal, above the ground about 25-30 cm or more, if done should first brush waterproof paint decoration putty and use waterproof paint, ground and surface water treatment to slope to drain, do not pour, not water, for 24 hours water test without leakage.

● Ceiling: ceiling on treatment, it is recommended to use microporous Lvkou Ban to enhance ventilation and prevent condensation water, if to do other ceiling, you should brush waterproof putty, paint the waterproof coating.

● Pipe: pipe installation to avoid up and down to change the original pipeline, met renovation must be altered, it should be done smooth vertical and horizontal, laying a solid slope to meet the requirements. Valves, faucet installation firm and easy to use, bright rust-proof paint brush pipe, underground pipe anti-corrosion paint brush. Water pipes and accessories, appliances tight connection, the water test without leakage.

● Appliances: bathroom renovation bathroom appliances should choose a good brand and waterproof performance products, such as long lamp warm bath in a wet environment, the housing should be made of stainless steel or better corrosion resistance of the material, but also with waterproof power switch, cable and plug, not afraid of water washout when the use of electricity or power, water splashing will not cause leakage or damage. Needed with waterproof lamp, waterproof socket.

In addition to these, kept dry and create a good bathroom ventilation is very important to avoid the use of wood materials, and use a good quality ventilation helps moisture vapor evaporate quickly, keep indoor fresh and clean, but also to use the bathroom more at ease .

Bath reduced pressure to buy good out of danger

Lying comfortably soak in a tub of hot bath, can eliminate fatigue and can relax for a day in the city busy people, it is a good experience. To choose a size that matches the style of the bathtub in the bathroom at home, do not Tiao.

Plumbing is a bathtub for bathing purposes, usually it means within the bathroom renovation. Bath and shower rooms are modern family bath common means both advantages and disadvantages. Because comfort bathtub is very good, more and more families choose to install a bathtub. But the shower is more convenient, so many families both fitted with a bathtub, and a safety shower.

Bathtub according to the functions can be divided into two kinds of ordinary bathtub massage bathtub. Bathtub only means a simple function of the water bath. The Jacuzzi with massage function, consists of two parts consisting of a cylinder and massage system, massage system is the key to a jacuzzi. Jacuzzi bathtub higher than normal price, in addition, it requires renovation to a large area of ​​the bathroom, and water pressure, power and installation requirements are very high.

Bathtub by making material points, a common acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, steel bathtub and wooden bathtub, ceramic bathtub in addition to, but because of the heavy ceramic bath, material costs, fragile, has become obsolete. Four common materials have their advantages and disadvantages tub, bathtub to buy, they can combine their needs.

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